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as u.s. and european countries continue pounding targets across -- targets across lib yeah. linda so is standing -- libya. linda so is standing by with the latest. >> reporter: he is vowing to fight long war but there's a strong message that he is not safe. u.s. and allied forces struck his compound just yards from his tent. the u.s. says he was not a target but the goal was to take out his military capabilities. it's unclear where he was during the attack. this is the second day of air strikes. international force pound the targets with cruise missiles stealth bombers and fighter jets. the u.s. says a no-fly zone is in place and will hand over control of the military operation to a european or nato led coalition in days. >> we will continue to support the coalition. we will be a member of the coalition. we will have a military role in the coalition. but we will not have the preeminent role. >> reporter: a u.s. official says he is not sure how long this military effort in libya will last or if qaddafi will step down. if you go to, we have posted the latest on the main pa
americans get out of the country. the u.s. is recommending that citizens not stay during the nuke clear crisis. elevated -- nuclear crisis. elevated levels of raiding ahas been detected and sign tests say it's possible the plume could move over alaska and west coast of the united states late tomorrow afternoon. doctors say the radiation levels will be minimal. >>> a young howard county woman is trying to get home from japan this morning. danielle jacobs is a student at towson university and spending her senior year as part of an exchange program. she was in class at tokyo international university when the earthquake hit. to beingo was few hundred miles from the epicenter and there are concerns of radiation leaking from the fukushima nuclear power plant. >> i am scared, but most of me is really stressed and hopefully nothing else happens and i can get to the airport okay. >> i know this's other people suffering worse than she is. don't get me wrong, but i need to get my daughter home. >> under the circumstances, dan yl's host family in tokyo can't spare the gas to -- danielle's host fami
. what more the u.s. could do to help in that ongoing fight. >>> and it's time to head home for one dancing with the stars contesting. we will -- contestant. we will tell you the first celebrity to get the boot but first the latest business news from new york. >> reporter: good morning. we begin your money scope report with home prices nearing new lows. a report finds that prices fell 3% in january in the 20 biggestcities of the nation. many expect the prices to fall father below the lows set two years ago during the recession. the supreme court appears to be leaning towards rejecting a sex discrimination class action lawsuit against wal-mart. justice implied the suit was unfair to the retailer and the women suing the company. part shortages are spreading among japanese automakers. toyota told u.s. dealers on tuesday to stop ordering more than 200 replacement parts. honda says the growing production at u.s. assembly plants to conserve their parts. the tallest hotel opened on tuesday in hong kong. the ritz-carlton occupies the top floors. that's the money report. thanks for watching.
trying to prevent a complete meltdown at the battered nuclear plant. now japan is reaching out to the u.s. for help. we just learned that japan's nuclear safety agency raised the rating from 4 to 5 of the nuclear accident meaning it's having wider consequences. emergency workers are desperate using water capons and -- cannons and helicopters cool it. one expert says it's like using a squirt gun to put out a forest fire. they have connected a power line to the complex and are hoping it will restart the water pumps needed to cool count he -- down the reactors. if that doesn't working the u.s. is flying in five high pressured water pumps. the japanese are saying they may have to bury the plant in sapped and concrete, the only way to -- in sand and concrete, the only way to stop it. here at home, radiation detectors have been put up along west coast. >> there's a lot of space between here and japan, so we don't expect an impact but we want to make sure. >> reporter: survivors observed a moment of silence one week after the earthquake and tsunami hit. 65,000 now confirmed dead. more than 10,00
received the same sentence back in february. >>> u.s. military officials say the u.s. is starting to back off the offensive in libya. fighting entered the fourth day and according to the u.s. commander in the region, most of the missions over libya were not flown by americans but by pilots from other countries within the coalition. president obama says the u.s. wants to see qaddafi leave but the international effort has more limited goals setting up a no-fly zone and protecting civilians. >>> five minutes after six. family of care -- of a care rail county marine are make funeral arrangements after the son died in combat operations in afghanistan. 25-year-old james malachowski died on sunday. he was in the second battalion 8th marine regiment and second marine division. his mom was retired from the marines and his sister brandyserved in the army. >>> today, it's about a man's life. a fighter a. hero to so many. he put his life on the line. abc2 news sherrie johnson is here to explain the honor a fire fighter's family will receive in his honor. >> reporter: mark faulkenhan paid the ultimate
involved in libya to avert a humanitarian crisis. the u.s. will not be leading the mission from here on out. nato has announced it will take over all military operations. this morning, rebel forces are closing in on qaddafi's hometown and making their way towards tripoli. they recaptured several key oil towns and are promising to restart stalled oil exportsprompting a slight drop in the soaring price of crude oil. obama faces tough criticism from washington and the public over the decision to get involved and tonight he will have to make his case. >> qaddafi has to go. the president has been consistent on than and how he goes will be up to mr. qaddafi now. >> reporter: and we have the latest on our website at if you go to the main page the first story in the slide show right here obama getting ready to address the nation in his -- that's going to happen tonight. also if you go towards the top and click on the news tab, under the world section, it will take you to this page. and we have three news stories poppet posted. -- posted for you. also obama's address tonight and nato n
is giving americans an update on the situation and the role the u.s. is playing. it's been more than a week of area patrols and obama is reassuring americans that this intervention was necessary to prevent a massacre. >> in the face of the world's condemnation, qaddafi chose to escalate his attacks. launching a military campaign against the libyan people. innocent people were targeted for killing. >> nato set to take over operations in several days but defense secretary robert gates could not give a firm deadline for how the u.s. remains involved. >>> three minutes after six right now. police in baltimore city are searching for suspects after the murder of a 17-year-old in the four by four section of bel air edison. steven died just down the street from the home sunday night. he and a friend were sitting in a car when someone walked up and shot both of them. he died his friend was shot in the arm. police have no suspects right now and they have not said why they believe the hurder -- this murder happened in the first place. >> he was not bothering nobody. it was his whatever he was doing it
no information about him. current and former u.s. officials say his family received previous was alive late last year. still unclear who is holding him or even where. >>> now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> 6:14. a lot of us dropped into the 20s. we are showing 28 in the corner of the screen. but 33 officially at the inner harbor. we hold warmer temperatures on the cooler nights. right on the inner part of the city with the bulk of the buildings and the benefit of water nearby. we have an a list at 31. 27 in cambridge and 28 up towards york,pa and 28 for frederick. mostly cloudy skies. essentially, the clouds will stay with us for a few days. while there may be breaks in some spots and peekaboo sunshine, get used to what we are dealing with. those look like there may be breaks that try to get in here sometime during the morning commute. overall, we expect to have a mostly cloudy sky. again, peekaboo sunshine but we are expecting temperatures to get a little better than yesterday. up near seasonable levels that puts us at 48 for t
in jail. >>> the attorney for a controversial church says the u.s. military is worse than al- qaida. this week, a case was won before the u.s. supreme court protecting the church's right to hold anti-gay protests outside military funerals. speaking on fox news sunday, phelps said american service members are worse than jihadists. she says they are fighting to protect same sex marriage and other sins. when asked if the supreme court was god's will, she had this to say. >> well, of course it was or it wouldn't have happened. he holds the hearts of the kings in his hand. he put us on the battle field. he told us to go out and tell the nation that your soldiers are dying for your since -- for your sins and you've got to stop sinning. >> she said that the pentagon has declared war on her father's church and in doing so has now declared war on god all mighty. >>> people are willing to do just about anything to raise money for research, especially cancer research. take a look at this. these men are going bald and beautiful, all for a great cause. they joined 200 people in shaving their h
a lot. >>> 6:02. and the rains came. severe weather across much of the u.s. producing major flooding and damage. those storms move into our region and the threats are as -- threats are just as real. linda so is out in mount washington. i hear the rain off your umbrella. what have you found so far in terms of the flooding? >> reporter: yeah, well, charley, the rain has not stopped. all night, this is what it has been doing. you will need your embella today. we are -- umbrella today. we are at jones falls and so far no flooding problems. that could change because the rain is going to be coming down all day. as the waters rise, it could lead to potential flooding. in the past, the bridge had to be shut down. in 20 04 this area got pounded when the storms blew through there. were cars under water. some of the shops at mount washington mill were damaged and they had to close this bridge because the waters rose so high. so far, things look good. things look okay. they haven't had to close the bridge this morning. you know, our area is not as bad as some of the other states that have been p
it will not be u.s. planes maintaining the no- fly zone e talked with leaders of britain and france tuesday about how to carry out the transition which the president says is just days away. president obama wrapping up a tour and says the no-fly zone is working. >> we have eliminated his air defenses to bring the international coalition in. >> libyan leader says he has no intention of giving up what he calls the revolution against imperialism. >>> as a massive cleanup effort kins in libya, people are being warned about the water tokyo is dealing with. the tokyo water bureau official say -- officials say the level of iodine is two-times the recommended limit for infants. officials there say the elevated level was found in water at a treatment center in downtown tokyo that supplies much of the city's tap water. they recommend that babies not be given any water and they say that it could be an immediate risk for babies but not so much for adults. >>> five minutes after six rye right-- right now. today the state assembly will talk about raising mva fees. when you buy a car, you have to get a title. th
prices. the effects of northern africa on usch the risk the-- us. the risk the u.s. secretary state hillary clinton says are safe. >>> the iphone and ipod. self-esteem boost you are getting but first up to new york with the latest business news happening right now. >> reporter: good morning. we begin your money scope report with oil back near 100 dollars a barrel. it's climbing this morning following tuesday's surge and a report shows u.s. supplies dropped last week. a sign demand may be picking up. the unrest in libya is driving up prices and fighting cut the output in half. federal reserve chairman bernanke doesn't expect those rising fuel prices to have a big impact on the ecomony. he told lawmakers on tuesday that he expects higher oil will cause only a brief and modest rise in inflation. incentives boost auto sales in february. the major car companies reported double digit increases. general motors was the big winner. the sales jumped neared 50% and a new report from the white house find that women are still earning less than men. on average, they take home only 80% of what men
airport leaving two airmen dead and two wounded. the attack on the u.s. airmen appears to be motivated by islamic extremists. police say the gunman walked up to the bus and started arguing with someone and then started shooting. the death toll could be higher. the gunman -- the shooter was taken into custody. >>> a big story this morning, protecting free speech doesn't always feel right. we are reminded of that. a father went all the way to the supreme court to fight for his son, a marine killed in iraq. the end result, we'll still see protesters at military funerals. >> it's not the way al snyder hoped it would turn out. he was hoping to spare other military families from the same heartache he went through. this legal fight began about five years ago when members of the westboro baptist church showed up at the funeral of al snyder's son. his son was filled -- killed in iraq. church members shouted their hate of the message that matthew died because of this country's acceptance of homosexuality. yesterday's supreme court ruling now means web be with has a right to picket funerals. a me
of eye disorders. >>> and fewer u.s. adults are smoking and those who do smoke are on the average smoking less. smoking rates in the united states dropped dramatically over the past several decades falling from 40% in 1965 to about 20% in 2006. california leads the pack when it comes to people who successfully quit or who never even started smoking in the first place. the journal of the american medical association says the high significant rit taxes they are enforcing, smoke free environment are stronger in california than any other states. >>> cities are tightening their belts belts but first lady obama doesn't want officials to lose site of the children's expanding waistline. she spoke in washington. she says the obesity epidemic is hurting local economies by negatively impacting the work forces. the first lady launched the let's move campaign last year to attack the problem. she says localities can make practical changes such as putting in sidewalks or even adding a gym. >>> time to say happy birthday to you celebrate on march 16th. and today a happy 7 birthday to emily from her mommy
. there have been warnings that mud slides could become more apparent in that area of the u.s. >>> now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> i want to take you back to the outside view just a glow of the streetlights and a quiet scene in baltimore. hard to give you a perspective of what's happening because it's so dark and well, we complained of the-- we can blame the time change for that one. yesterday, a mix of clouds. and we had to fight off morning clouds. but downtown baltimore, we got a look at blue skies and more sun. but you can see the clouds looking north, a little more prominent during the day. yesterday, it turned out to be near average with high temperatures in the lower 50s. and this morning, we start off with a partly to mostly cloudy sky and we are holding at 38 and edgemere 37. and annapolis chilly to the west. 26 degrees. and ellicott city. westminster and frederick, below freezing at 31. we will get toward the mid-30s for most us by the mid-morning. clouds are in the area starting to thicken up. and it will
e-mail us at newsroom at we note u.s. embassy is closed in japan for the rest of the day. if you are trying to get in touch with friends and family in japan, call the state department at 202-647-4000 or check the website, >>> a lot going on over in japan. the west coast are under a tsunami watch as the is --
annapolis. let's go off to the u.s. naval academy where it was sunny in the morning almost hit 7 a. -- 70. watch the storms. the temperatures are back down to freezing. st. mary's elementary is at 32 degrees with a cool northeastern wind. we have extra clouds built in over the last few hours. nearby arnold at 34. it's 31 in perry hall and into the 29 range in westminster. frederick is sitting at 30. we are sitting under a quiet conditions. maryland's most powerful doppler radar five sweex and has no rain. more on the week ahead outlook coming up. here's kim with traffic. >> reporter: no rain. we like dry roads in the morning. but we have wind warnings in place at the key and the bay bridges and you will feel windy conditions at hatem and tidings bridges as well. northbound and southbound, all lanes are opened. no reported issues or problems. southbound on the harrisburg being pressway -- expressway, we have reports of a disabled vehicle. we are still working an overturned vehicle route 100 near arundel mills circle. now back to you. >> thanks. >>> we have been talking about a possible gov
out roaring like a lion, the eastern u.s. and we have got some images to show you of the snow nearby baltimore. yesterday including reisterstown. we have some snow video for you and i will be up in reisterstown this morning at franklin middle school. we have lots to talk about with the students there. 37 this morning easton and baltimore. roads are wet even towards hagerstown and new york where they picked up a half inch or so of snow. the roads are wet. that's high expectations. we have leftover drizzle and we are expecting a mild day at least by the standards of what we thought last night. 46 today, rain tries to redevelop mixing with more snow again same places tonight. we will talk about that coming up. here's kim brown with the traffic. >> reporter: thanks. very glad this morning that the road temperatures are above freezing. or else it could be a lot more trickier out there. we are dealing with wet roads. that is pushing speeds down so expect to add a few more minutes to your morning commute because people are taking it easy. look live at the beltway, that's the outer loop at l
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